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February 25, 2017

Kelowna Realtor

Kelowna Realtor

Is all the hoopla around Foreclosures accurate?

Get properties for cents on the dollar! I can speak for Canada, although I can not speak for the US Marketplace. Advertisements in this way actually make me angry. For one their feeding inflating the accurate quantities of foreclosures and two on unsuspecting consumers who actually do not understand any better. That, and many late night infomercials have you found touting how wealthy you can be if you can merely locate those misery deal. You understand the hundreds of misery sales that keep popping up everyday!

I mean, actually there is so many I can barely keep up!!!

Just how will you be able to make the most of distress sales or foreclosures?

It is a marketing ploy to get phone number and your name as well as solicit you in, to allow them to sell you one of their other properties.

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How do I understand this?

Well do not just take my word for it.

That is 15 houses out of every 1000 BC in all!

Is the amount so low?

Let us look at it rationally.

Lastly purchasing a house in foreclosure is a long and time consuming procedure. The courts certainly will grant every potential recourse available to the seller to assist them save the house and generally don’t desire to choose the house from the seller.

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So when the bank does take your offer on the house possess the court approve the deal and you still must really go to court in 2-3 months time. In the one foreclosure I’ve been involved in, the Seller paid off his outstanding taxes and appeared before the court. My buyer was incredibly disappointed and upset, in helping her get into a property and we’d squandered.

So next occasion you see an advertisement on Craig List or in your local newspaper proclaiming, Hundreds or Tens Of Thousands of foreclosures available, conserve your cash and recall this post as well as lots of problems!